Hoops for Team 

Hoops for Team #HoopsForTeam

What is Hoops for Team?

Hoops for team is dedicated to providing teams, schools, clubs and league with the latest products available ataffordable

What are the requirement for team sales selection?

  1. 1. Name of the Team
  2. 2. Name of the League
  3. 3. Contact Person

How do I apply for team sales discount?

To apply for team sales discount, please contact our team sales representative at 0811-220-187

Term and Condition

  1. 1. Team sales transactions are final. We only accept return or refunds up to 7 days if we shipped the wrong product or the product is damaged.
  2. 2. Minimum purchase for team sales is 3 items from the same category

Hoops for Team There are no products in this category.